Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the Red Bay Republic website which is owned and operated by Red Bay Republic  (ABN: 73 284 400 759). By using this site, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions, which is set out on this web site page.

A Retailer is required to pay proforma for all orders unless otherwise agreed in writing.

The Retailer will pay to Red Bay Republic Pty Ltd the value of goods as stated on the Proforma invoice.

All prices include GST.  GST will be included in the invoice total.

Delivery and Sale of Goods
A Retailer will cover the costs of delivery of the goods sold to them by Red Bay Republic Pty Ltd.
Red Bay Republic Pty Ltd will only send goods to the Retailer once the invoice has been paid in full. 
Red Bay Republic will deliver goods to the Retailer using the most cost effective means available.
This may include the use of a competitive freight company or Australia Post services as determined by RBR and determined by a Retailers location. 
Red Bay Republic will securely package all goods to minimise any damage during transportation to the Retailer. 
The Retailer will provide secure and suitable off-loading facilities at the premise to facilitate the safe and timely unloading of goods.
The Retailer will warrant that all goods received from Red Bay Republic Pty Ltd will be sold in the store. If a Retailer opens another store and intends to sell Red Bay Republic products in that store, they must notify RBR of this change. Supply to an existing store does not guarantee supply to a new premises or online store. This clause also covers an individual business buying on behalf of a third party or separate business.
Retailers will recognise that Red Bay Republic is a quality, boutique brand and will work with Red Bay Republic Pty Ltd to promote as such. 
Red Bay Republic Pty Ltd reserves the right to impose a minimum order requirement at any time. RBP will inform retailers of such a requirement if applicable.
Online retailers are expected to hold stock of Red Bay Republic products that they are advertising for sale. Due to manufacturing schedules and fluctuation in demand, Red Bay Republic Pty Ltd cannot guarantee supply of our full range at all times.
Retailers may not sell Red Bay Republic branded products at markets, from Facebook stores, on auction sites, including but not limited to e-Bay, or promote on any Third Party shopping comparison websites. 
Quality of Goods
Red Bay Republic Pty Ltd will take the utmost care to ensure that goods sent to a retailer are in perfect condition. 
Rejection of Goods
The Retailer may reject a delivery from Red Bay Republic Pty Ltd if the goods delivered do not satisfy the quality requirements outlined above. 
The Retailer will notify Red Bay Republic Pty Ltd immediately of the rejection by telephone, and the consequences of the rejection. Red Bay Republic Pty Ltd may also ask the Retailer to detail why the Goods have been rejected and documented in an email, fax letter or other electronic means within seven (7) days of receipt. 
All returns must be approved by Red Bay Republic Pty Ltd who will advise a Return Authorisation Number as well as the most appropriate method of return.
Red Bay Republic does not hold any additional insurance policies in relation to the transport of goods to the Retailer.  Additional insurance is the responsibility of the Retailer.